First Year Required Courses

Survey of Christian Living
Understanding the Mass
Receiving the Word of God 

Second Year Required Courses

Moral Theology 1: the Virtues
Church History 1: the Pre-Nicene Fathers

Third Year Required Courses

Moral Theology 2: Making Decisions
Church History 2: the Seven Councils

Elective Courses

(When you register, we will email you with elective selections.)

 Liturgy for Living: Catholic Culture in the Home, taught by Mrs Genie Shaw

 A Survey of Christian Eucharistic Prayers, taught by Fr Matkin 

 Modern Heresies, taught by Fr Matkin

 Don’t Tread on Me: Roman Catholicism in America, taught by Fr Stubbs

 To Live and Die for the Lord: the Apostolic Fathers, taught by Fr Sackett

 The Oxford Movement, taught by Fr Sackett


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