Frequently Asked Questions

What is St Gabriel’s Conference? 
The St Michael’s Conference, originally founded in Massachusetts in 1960 and now in several conferences across the country, is a group of young people, lay leaders, and priests who come together for a week to form a spiritual family by learning and practicing the Catholic faith. It consists of a daily rhythm of corporate worship, study, discussion, and relaxation. Participants return to their home parishes energized to manfully fight against the flesh, the world, and the devil. The St Gabriel’s Conference is a weekend version of the same thing for adults. 

Am I required to wear a mask? 
There are currently no COVID protocol masking requirements for the camp, and none are required by the conference. We trust you to make your own health and safety decisions.

Who may attend? 
The conference is open to adults, 19 years of age and older. 

When is the conference? 
The first conference for the southwest will be February 2-5, 2023. Registration opens in Advent and is on a first-come, first serve basis. The deadline for submitting registrations is January 30. 

Do you have to be an Anglican to register? 
No. You do not have to be a baptized Christian either. Anyone open to learning about the Catholic faith and being a part of a worshiping Christian community is welcome. 

Can clergy register for the conference? 
Yes, absolutely! We would love to have clergy participants. You may depart the conference on Saturday afternoon if you need to leave for parish duties on Sunday morning or stay until the closing on Sunday. 

Where is the Conference being held? 
Our venue is Camp Crucis in Granbury, the camp and conference facility of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. Click here for a map to Camp Crucis at 2875 Camp Crucis Ct, Granbury, TX 76048. 

What will it cost? 
The total cost for the conference is $265. This amount covers room and board and materials for each conference participant as well as the overall expenses of the Conference itself. We will need a $150 deposit sent in with your registration form, with the check make out to “St Gabriel’s Conference.” The balance of $115 is due when you arrive at Camp Crucis for the Conference. 

Are conference fees refundable? 
The $150 deposit is non-refundable. If you pay the full $265 when you send in your registration, but do not show up or cancel, the balance of $115 will be returned to you. If the conference has to be rescheduled because of ice and snow, every effort will be made to refund fees for those unable to attend on the new date. If the conference has to be cancelled because of ice and snow, the full fee (including deposit) will be returned. 

Can married couples room together? 
No. Accommodations are separate for men and women at the conference. 

Is child care provided? 

Is the conference handicap accessible? 
The conference is being held at the facility of Camp Crucis, which is generally handicap accessible, but also comes with the challenges of moving between different buildings on uneven ground during the day. Further questions in the regard can be addressed to the camp at 817-573-3343 or

Can you leave early, arrive late, or only attend part of the conference? 
Except for clergy participants who may leave early for parish duties, we ask that you arrive on Thursday evening and stay on campus until Sunday to participate fully in the life of the conference. We understand that there may be some late arrivals on Thursday night, but ask that you make every effort to arrive by 7pm. 

Are visitors allowed at the conference? 

What should I bring? 
Bible, devotional items, something to write with and write on, toiletries, and personal items, dress clothing for morning Mass (Not necessarily “Sunday best,” but nice church attire; ties suggested for men and dresses for women), and musical instruments and anything needed for the Talent Show. 

What are the accommodations?

The conference will take place in the “Bishop’s Village” at Camp Crucis, with worship in St John’s Chapel, classes in Iker Hall, and meals in Roloef’s Dining Hall. Most participants will be housed in Bishop Mason Lodge, with overflow in Bishop Davies Lodge. 

What is the policy on alcohol, tobacco, and medication? 
Alcoholic beverages (like beer and wine) may be brought to the conference and consumed on Friday night only, during the “Theology on Tap,” which is strictly BYOB. Root beer and other soft drinks will be available during Theology on Tap. No hard liquor is allowed at the conference or at Camp Crucis. No smoking or vaping is permitted inside the buildings or at the entrances. Participants may bring and dose their own medications, not needing to “check them in” to the conference. Likewise, if you have any dietary or medical information the conference needs to know about, please include a note with your registration. Absolutely no illegal drugs will be tolerated at the conference or on the campus. 

Can I serve as an acolyte? 
Male registrants will be scheduled as servers for the conference liturgies before the conference begins. If you have a physical reason why you are unable to serve in this capacity, please make a note on your registration form. The schedule will be ready for review upon arrival on Thursday night and any needed changes can be made then. Cassocks and surplices will be provided, but if you have a cassock that fits you well, you are welcome to bring it. 

Do I have to attend St Michael’s before I attend St Gabriel’s? 
No. Former Michaelites are welcome as well as those who have never attended any conference. 

Can I skip or test out of courses I took at St Michael’s? 
No. That may be something that will be possible in future conferences, but for now, we are getting started with basic courses, which will also serve as a good refresher for former Michaelites. 

Are attendance at worship and at classes mandatory?
Yes, worship and classes are not optional at the conference.

Do I have to make my confession? 
Coming out of the tradition of St Michael’s Conference, it is expected that every person at the conference will partake of the spiritual discipline of making sacramental confession, but of course that is always a decision of the individual. The general confession is not customarily used in the Mass at the conference for this reason. All priests on the faculty will be scheduled to hear confessions in the chapel throughout the conference. 

Any other questions or situations that need to be worked out during the conference will be addressed to the conference director, Father Timothy Matkin. Your additional questions for this list may be submitted to .

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